Welcome to the Bushido Driver Blog!

Welcome to the Bushido Driver Blog!

Ethos of the Driving Enthusiast...
As modern-day "samurai of speed" our code demands dedication to driving, precision with pedals, skill with shifter & steering. We sacrifice to repair & upgrade our cars so we can carve canyons, tackle the togue and attack apexes!

This isn't a marketing gimmick this is the very essence of who we are and what we do; supporting grassroots and privateer enthusiasts in their automotive pursuits by offering quality parts, accessories and gear.  There's no better way to know what drivers need than to get behind the wheel, so this blog will chronicle the driving exploits, trials tribulations and triumphs of the Bushido Driver Team (presently .....1 😉 ) 

The majority of my experience is in autocross, so that is where we will start, campaigning an entire season with the goal of securing a class championship. As well as competing in the Autocross State Championship. Ideally I would also like to compete in at least one national tour event. 

In addition to autocross I will be looking to add some open track day/ HPDE events to the calendar to continue progressing in that arena. 

I make a trip to the Tail of the Dragon each year, which always provides for some useful data points, however living in the southeast, that is about the extent of my togue access...😭, nonetheless at some point I'll figure out a way to participate in a hill climb as that looks like a ton of fun. 

Stay tuned, and don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more updates!


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